Payment & Currency

All orders are charged when you click "Place Order". Please review your financial institution's policies when making purchases in USD as there may be extra charges incurred from the transaction. In the unfortunate event that a credit will need to be issued it also will be calculated in USD. Return currency conversion will also be calculated at the current currency price and may cause a change from the original local currency paid.

Currency Disclaimer

All currency amounts displayed are correct.

The final amount shown in the checkout is the amount you will see debited in your bank account. The order total does not include customs, duty fees, and/or taxes. Sometimes your credit card company may charge you a conversion fee.

Any charges or refunds to your credit card will be issued in US dollars. Refund amounts may be more or less than the purchase price due to fluctuating exchange rates.

Tax Exemptions

Government, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, public charities, churches, and other religious associations usually qualify for tax-exempt purchases. Once approved, customers may make tax-exempt purchases on behalf of their organizations.

To apply for a tax-exempt account, please email us here.

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