Your country's import duties, taxes, and fees are never included in the item and shipping totals. For these fees please refer to our Duties & Taxes section.

Shipping Cost

Original outbound shipping costs are non-refundable.

Item Restrictions

Before completing your purchase always confirm your items are compatible and will work in your country. Also you need to confirm your country's import rules and regulations will allow you to import the item you are purchasing. Manufacturer or government restrictions occasionally oblige us to block certain products from shipping outside the USA.

Payment & Currency

All orders are charged when you click "Place Order". Please review your financial institution's policies when making purchases in USD as there may be extra charges incurred from the transaction. In the unfortunate event that a credit will need to be issued it also will be calculated in USD. Return currency conversion will also be calculated at the current currency price and may cause a change from the original local currency paid.

Signature & Ordering Deadline

All orders are shipped with "signature required" upon receipt. International orders received before 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00) will be shipped the next day.


Manufacturer's rebates may not be valid for merchandise shipped outside the USA. Please check the information in your cart to confirm pricing.

Multiple Items

To avoid higher than normal shipping and duty fees, orders containing multiple items stored in different warehouses will be consolidated at one location prior to shipping. Therefore, your order may be delayed by an extra business day. We will notify you via email if your order will be delayed.

Stock Exceptions

Due to the complexities of export regulations and international shipments, all special orders will be delivered to our warehouse and then shipped to you. This enables Box Unboxed to better support your shipment during transit.

Attested Documents

Certain countries require your order's documents to be attested by the chamber of commerce. In the event that you need attested documents, there will be a $50 USD fee per document requiring a signature along with a shipping charge to send you the documents.

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